Help For Online Library

The Resources page is organized as the repository of information prepared to support the JBSA-Randolph JLUS. The materials located here consist of maps, documents, handouts, and presentation materials developed throughout the planning process. These materials are typically provided in a PDF (Acrobat) format for ease of downloading and use.

Under the "Online Library" menu, you can find the following categories of documents:

Meeting Materials. These are the materials provided to attendees of the Executive Committee, Advisory Committee and public meetings throughout the planning process. This includes copies of presentations provided.

Fact Sheets. During the development of the JLUS, three newsletters will be prepared to keep the community up-to-date at significant points in the development of the JLUS. Check back for the latest fact sheet.

Documents / Reports. Under this folder are the documents and reports that have been prepared for the respective tasks of the planning process.

Maps. Summary maps prepared during the JLUS process. Other maps will be contained within the Draft and Final JLUS when published.

Quick Links. These are the website links to pertinent reference information related to the JBSA-Randolph JLUS project.