JBSA-Randolph JLUS Study Area

JBSA-Randolph is located in northeast Bexar County, Texas and is situated outside the San Antonio city limits and almost completely surrounded by several smaller municipalities: the City of Universal City to the north; the City of Schertz to the northeast, east and south; and the City of Converse to the west.

JBSA-Seguin Auxiliary Airfield is a sub-installation of JBSA-Randolph and is located one mile east of the City of Seguin on US Route 90. The City of Seguin is characterized as a rural and agriculture-friendly municipality located 30 miles east of JBSA-Randolph along the Interstate - 10 and US - 90 corridor.

Stinson Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of San Antonio. It is situated in San Antonio City Council District 3 just south of downtown and is open to public use. It is approximately 33 miles south-southwest of JBSA-Randolph proper and is contracted by the DOD to enable flying training exercises. Stinson Municipal Airport is the second oldest general aviation airport in the United States serving a dual mission by supporting general aviation and military training.

The JBSA-Randolph JLUS Study Area was designed to encompass all lands and operational areas near JBSA-Randolph locations and use areas that may impact current or future military operations or be impacted by these operations. The proposed Study Area (shown on the map below) is the initial area of investigation for the collection of data. The final Study Area will be refined based on information collected and input from the public and the JLUS Committees.

randolph fact sheet map  20131007